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Wine Made in Germany

Germany is one of the northernmost wine producing countries. This makes for a cool climate with a longer ripening seasons, giving  the grapes more time to develop complex flavors reflecting the terroir and varietal notes.

Late ripening varietals like the Riesling thrive in this climate. Riesling is almost synonymous with German wine and  is hailed by wine connoisseurs as the most versatile and noble white grape in the world. German wine growers have earned a high reputation for making outstanding Riesling wines in a variety of styles.


Germany is the 10th largest wine producer and thanks to it’s diversity and family business culture, it is a “boutique” wine country. 95% of all vineyards are owned by small wineries with 50 acres or less. They remain true to their small-scale business model that allows them to focus on quality rather than quantity and produce some of the worlds finest Rieslings and Pinots.

Germany also champions a selection of remarkable native grapes that are still new to the international wine market, such as the Dornfelder, Regent, Silvaner, Scheurebe and Mueller-Thurgau.

German white wine is characterized by its freshness, vibrancy, perfume and a remarkable balance of sweetness and acidity. Top wines are prized for their expressiveness, complexity and ageing potential.


Over the past couple years, a new generation of well-travelled, young and ambitious vintners, have been bringing about a renaissance of German wine in their homeland, but also overseas. Their collaborative and experimental style already bears fruit and will  continue to shape the image of German wine in the years to come.


Of the 13 wine growing regions, Mosel, Rheingau, Pfalz and Rheinhessen are internationally well known followed by Nahe, Baden and Franken.

“[Sugar and acid] provide the stage for a stirring fusion of essences from the grape and the ground that is more apparent in German wines than any others.”


Jancis Robinson, wine critic

Did you know that Germany is the...
wine producing country
#1 Riesling producer
(50% of global area)
#1 Pinot Blanc producer
(50% of global area)
#2 Pinot Gris producer
(after Italy)
#3 Pinot Noir producer
(after France and US)
#10 Wine producing country by volume


“Riesling is an authentic wine that hasn’t been bastardized by corporate bean counters and marketing departments. It tastes of where it grew, who made it, and how the growing season was. No oak flavor was added to it!”


Stuart Pigott, wine author

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