Georg Siben Erben

Weingut Georg Siben Erben is a top producer in the Pfalz region. The estate is a member of the prestigious VDP, an association of 200 wineries that hold their members to strict quality standards.

Today the winery is lead by Andreas Siben in the 10th generation. Wine making has been a family tradition for the past 300 years.

Siben owns 30 acres of of the best and most prestigious vineyards in Deidesheim and Forst in the Pfalz such as Paradiesgarten (PC), Hergottsacker (PC), Leinhoehle (PC), Kieselberg (PC), Kalkofen (PC), Reiterpfad (PC), Grainhuebel (GC), Ungeheuer (GC) and Langenmorgen (GC).

At the Siben estate sustainable and organic winegrowing and production is deeply ingrained in their philosophy for the past 25 years. This, they believe is the critical foundation for the pro­duction of complex wines full of character and shaped by their terroir.


Attached to the historic estate in the famous village of Deidesheim at the Weinstrasse (“Wine Road”) is their romantic restaurant which is located at the former horse stables with their cross-shaped vaults and pillars made of sand stone.


Products Imported to the US:

2016 Riesling Deidesheimer Leinhöhle

2016 Riesling Deidesheimer Kieselberg

2013 Riesling Deidesheimer Grainguebel GG

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