The Domain Oppenheim is in many ways a very unique estate. It owns top sites at the banks of the Rhine, that are rated as “Grosse Lage”, which is the “Grand Cru” equivalent for only the best sites in Germany.


The Domain holds the following “Grosse Lagen”:


Oppenheimer Herrenberg,

Nackenheimer Rothenberg,

Niersteiner Ölberg,

Niersteiner Pettenthal and

Niersteiner Glöck, which is in fact, the oldest vineyard site in all of Germany. First mentioned in 742 AD, it is in sole possession of the Domain and located at the legendary “Roter Hang” (Red Slope) surrounding the church of St. Kilian in Nierstein.


Besides being a prestigious VDP member, the Domain doubles as an academy for viticulture and viniculture.


The Rieslings and Silvaner are made to express the terroir and their style reflects  three main soil types found Rheinhessen. An intriguing combination of deep, earthy minerality paired with notes of peach and exotic fruits, comes from the red, slaty-sandy clay soil, called “Rotliegendes” in Nierstein.

The leading wine-guide “Gault&Millau Germany 2016” recommends the Domain Oppenheim, praising their expressive wines.


Products Imported to the US:

2015 Riesling Classic

2015 Nierstein Riesling vom Rotliegenden

2015 Oppenheimer Herrenberg Riesling Auslese

2015 Glöck Nierstein Riesling GG

2016 Glöck Nierstein Riesling GG

2015 Oelberg Nierstein Riesling GG

2016 Oelberg Nierstein Riesling GG

2010 Rothenberg Nackenheim Riesling GG

2015 Rothenberg Nackenheim Riesling GG

2016 Riesling G

Staatliche Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim

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