The prestigious VDP is a nationwide wine-growers association, representing 200 of the top wineries in Germany. The main purpose is to define and ensure a high quality standard for their members.

Below chart shows the classification system developed by the VDP, which is similar to the French system, e.g. regarding the classification of top sites. It should be noted, that the top wines of the VDP - the Grosse Gewächse (GG) - are always dry. 


VDP Wine Classification System




VDP. GROSSE LAGE designates the very best vineyards of Germany, within which the finest parcels have been narrowly demarcated. The wine produced from grapes grown in these sites have tremendous aging potential. These vineyards are planted exclusively with the very finest grape varieties that are ideally suited to the site’s soils. Subject to the most stringent production criteria, these wines form the peak of the VDP’s classification pyramid.

VDP. GROSSES GEWÄCHS (GG) designates a dry wine from a VDP.GROSSE LAGE.

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