Early to ripen, above-average must weights and high frost resistance enable Regent to be planted even in sites that are marginally suitable for red wine grapes. 

Food pairing:

The wines are fairly accessible even in their youth. Regent partners well with meats that are intense in flavor, such as leg of lamb, oxtail ragout or game.


Regent achieves must-weights that even surpasses those of Pinot Noir, with similar, moderate yields. As such, the wines are rich in substance. They are marked by pronounced tannins, fine acidity and aromas reminiscent of cherry or blackberry. Regent wines are intense in color, ranging from garnet red to deep red, verging on black. The finest grapes are also vinified in barriques. 


Regent is a dark-skinned, late ripening,  hybrid variety developed in Germany that counts Silvaner, Mueller-Thurgau and Chambourcin in its lineage. Since the new crossing was officially permitted in 1996, Regent posted enormous increases in vineyard area.

The variety is heralded as being one of the best hybrids for vinification, giving wines that are full bodied and densely colored with soft tannins and an abundance of red fruit flavors. It is also prized by organic winegrowers for its resistance to botrytis and mildew. 


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