Pinot Blanc makes high demands on soil and climate. It prefers warm, vigorous soils that are as deep as possible, as well as sites with good exposure, that are dry and warm. 


In a glass, Pinot Blanc is pale to straw yellow in color and delicate, restrained on the nose. A slightly nutlike aroma is typical. Vinified dry, its medium to full body and fine acidity complement many types of food. Not overly high in alcohol, Pinot Blanc has a delicate aroma that is often reminiscent of unripe nuts, apple, pear, quinces, apricot, citrus fruits or fresh pineapple. 


Pinot Blanc can be regarded as a white mutation of Pinot Gris. 

A dry Pinot Blanc wine with fresh acidity and delicate fruitiness is not only an ideal food wine, but also a light summer wine. Germany is now the worlds largest producer of Pinot Blanc, which reflects the growing popularity of this varietal.

Pinot Blanc

(Weisser Burgunder)

Food pairing:

It pairs well with seafood, fish, veal and pork, as well as poultry. Well chilled, it is also a wonderful sipping wine on the terrace. Pinot Blancs that have been aged in barrique are delicious with lamb or delicate dishes prepared with young game.

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