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Promoting The Upcoming Stars

Legendary Wine Imports is specializing in German and European wines. It is our mission to market and promote premium and craft wine brands, made in small batches and reflecting the character of the land - either estate wines or single-vineyard wines. 

Explore New Flavors and Styles - Made in Germany

It is our goal to bring truly legendary wines to the US - some varietals that are well known, some that are familiar and others that have so far been hard to come by at best.

Everyone knows about Riesling and the Mosel region, but have you heard about wines from the "Hessian Mountainroad"? Ever tasted a full
bodied "Regent" or a pleasantly spicy Pinot Meunier? Also the light and fruity Pinot Blanc or "Weissburgunder" deserves his place on your wine tasting list.

Today's market offers countless wines to those who like to explore and seek a new taste experience. Finding wines of high quality that represent a good value is always a wager for most consumers and experts alike. At Legendary Wine Imports we carefully curate a portfolio of exciting, yet approachable wines that are hard to come by in the marketplace
and worthy to have their own following in the US. 

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